Power-Strut® Receives Top-Rating in IDEA's IDW Certification Program!

Power-Strut is now compliant with IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) certification program. IDW is the industry’s preferred solution for manufacturers to securely share product information with distributor partners in a standardized electronic format. As distributors increasingly adopt eCommerce platforms it is important they have access to accurate manufacturer information. The IDW system provides this information by supplying a set of critical data fields that contain transactional and descriptive product information required to conduct business.

Power-Strut’s product information can now be viewed as it would appear on a web storefront. The IDW database allows Power-Strut to differentiate products from competitors, reduce order errors, speed up the sales cycle and strengthen relationships with distributor partners. Power-Strut is committed to its partners and continuously strives to make business transactions smoother and easier.

For more information contact Power-Strut marketing at 708-915-1726.

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