Power-Strut® Channel for Mounting LED Lighting

LED lighting installation has never been easier.

The Power-Strut metal framing system allows lighting fixtures to be securely fastened, supported, and electrified. The broad range of hangers and fittings allow mounting of many different types of fixtures, and many different support and raceway configurations. Using the channel as a raceway provides a cleaner look and speeds up installation and maintenance, saving you time and money.


Complete installation in minutes. No screws, bolts or cotter pins to lose.

Power-Strut's extensive line of fixture hangers, fittings, junction boxes, hardware and cable clamps can be used with standard channel and closure strips to construct a complete electrical raceway and support system.

Power-Strut is listed as an electrical raceway by Underwriters Laboratories as specified by the NationalElectrical Code (Article 384).

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